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Druid's in Talislanta are a bit different than the ones in the PH.  The biggest change is that Talislant druids are not shapechangers. However, they have a few other abilities that more than make up for it.

They are extremely common, for one thing. There are probably more druids than clerics in Talislanta, since so many races revere elemental entities and work to restore and repair the environment which still suffers the effects of the Great Disaster.

Hit die, class skills, base attack bonus, saves, weapons and armor are all as per the PH.

Druids use the same spell chart as clerics, including bonus domain spell. Each druid chooses one elemental domain that they are particular tied to and gain the same domain bonuses (including bonus spells) that clerics do.

Special Abilities

Nature sense (1st), animal companion (1st), woodland stride (2nd), trackless step (4th), resist nature's lure (6th), venom immunity (8th) as per the PH, though note the level change where appropriate.

At 1st level, the druid saves vs. all elemental attacks (fire, cold, lightning, etc.) at +2.

At 3rd level, the druid takes only half damage from his chosen element (so on a failed save he would take half damage, 1/4 damage if successful).

At 4th level, the druid can begin learning to speak with animals. This works as per the spell and is usuable at will. At each level, the druid can pick one animal species with which he can communicate.

At 5th level, the druid gains the effects of a permanent endure elements (ignore first 5 points of damage) against his chosen element. The reduction is applied after the damage is reduced by half.

At 7th level, this protection is increased to resist elements (ignore first 12 points).

At 9th level, the druid can communicate with elemental enties of his element, and they will not attack the druid unless he harms them first.