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DM's Notes

First sessions are always tricky. How to you get everyone together? Here no one knows how they ended up together, which not only solves the first problem, but helps provide an ongoing storyhook to give the characters a reason to stick together.

Originally, none of the characters were going to know each other, but two players (a married couple) wanted their characters to have met in the past, and since it helps play into a later plot thread involving the missing parents, I decided to allow it.

The release of Draxus was entirely unplanned. I was ready for it to happen, but didn't expect it would since players tend to be pretty careful about letting dark evil things loose. I even allowed the player with the torch to roll to see if any embers fell into the darkness. They did, so out he came.

The amusing part was that Kurvan would have dropped in one more round anyway.

All in all, a good first session.