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Alchemical Brews
Here you'll find many of the unique potions and elixirs brewed by Talislanta alchemists.

Minor Brews

Enhancement Powders
      These pigments are used to change the color of a person's hair or skin. One dose is enough to cover an average-sized person and the effects last for 24 hours or until removed with soap and water.

Medium Brews

Attribute Boosters
      These potions provide a temporary boost (1d4+1 enhancement bonus) to a single attribute for 3 hours. Each attribute potion must be learned separately.

Skill Boosters
      These potions provide a temporary boost (+10 competence bonus) to a single skill for 1 hour. Each skill must be learned separately and the alchemist must have at least one rank in that skill.

      These caustic liquids are designed to dissolve a specific type of inanimate substance (wood, iron, stone, crystal, etc.) Each substance must be learned separately. A single dose will dissolve up to one cubic foot of the substance in approximately 3 rounds. Note: there is no solvent known for amberglass.

Major Brews

      A powerful adhesive that can be used to bond organic and inorganic materials of any sort, except quicksilver. It can only be contained in vials lined with quicksilver and hardens in one minute, creating a nearly unbreakable bond. Only Vitriol can dissolve this glassy substance. One dose covers one square foot.

      Not a potion, but an enchanted material that can contain alchemical and magical mixtures, essences, spell energies, and even certain creatures of a magical nature.

      This is a powerful acid; each one-pint dose is able to dissolve up to one cubic foot of any nonmagic substance, with the exception of amberglass. A direct hit with a full dose will do 4d10 to any living creature.