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Limitations on Magic in Talislanta's New Age
Although the Arcane Energies of the Omniverse can theoretically be bent to any task, many of the greatest magical accomplishments of the Archaens have been lost in the sands of time. New Age magicians do indeed wield cogent and versatile powers, but the heights of Archaen magic elude them. and there is much their lesser grasp of magic denies them.

Modern magic cannot accomplish any of the following effects, and modern practitioners of the arts arcane would pay much for Archaen spells displaying such lost effects.

Note: these limits apply only to sorcerer and wizard spells, not clerical magic.

New Age magicians cannot summon or control Talislanta's capricious weather, although some spells can duplicate the effects of certain types of weather.

Modern Talislantan magics cannot create life, be it existing creatures, or newly conceived lifeforms. Living creatures can be summoned from elsewhere, but not conjured out of nothingness.

New Age magics cannot be used to merge or amalgamate two or more things, be they living things or inanimate objects.

Spellcasters of the modern era may not make anything, living or otherwise, completely intangible, nor may they use magics to perform such tricks as "walking through walls".

Planar Travel
Current-day magicians have no magical means of visiting other planes of existence, such as the deliberate creation of rifts or portals. Accidentally created rifts and portals have been known, however, usually as the result of magical mishaps.

Instantaneous travel between two points is impossible with modern magics.

It is impossible for modern magicians to manipulate or travel through time.

Although modern magicians may assume a wide variety of forms, they cannot assume the forms of extra-dimensional entities, such as demons, devils, elementals, spirits, and so on.