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A gloomy, vengeful people regarded as cutthroats and assassins by others.

Personality: Natives of Arim, Arimites are a dour and moody. They are most renown for their knife-fighting skills, preference for strong drink, and the secret Revenant cult which carries out acts of vengeance for hire. One code rules Arim – revenge. Arimites live and die for family and honor. Every harm must be avenged, and everyone who suffers must seek vengeance. The cycle of vendetta never ends.

Physical Description: Arimites stand 5 to 6 feet tall, and weigh 125 to 250 pounds. They have a swarthy complexion, sharp features, long black hair, and dark, deep-set eyes. They have little regard for clothing or their appearance, making due with leather garments and black iron ornaments.

Relations: Arimites don’t get along with anyone well, including each other. Foreigners view them as a race of thieves and murderers, not without some justification. On the other hand, Arimites are the perfect mercenaries as they feel no loyalty to anyone other than their employer, though their tendency to take offense to the least slight makes them unpopular with non-Arimite troops.

Alignment: Arimites are, at best, lawful neutral, with the worst ones being neutral evil.

Arimite Lands: Arimites’ homeland is Arim in western Talislanta.

Religion: Arimites worship Destiny, but there is no formal church as they say that since Destiny is fixed, nothing mortals can do will change it.

Language: Common Talislan. It is a rare Arimite who takes the trouble to learn any other language.

Adventurers: Fighters and rogues are the most common. Arimite mercenaries can be found anywhere in Talislanta, and many travel away from home to escape the Revenants (or at least try).

Roleplaying Notes: You are bitter and suspicious. The slightest insult enrages you, and only vengeance can satisfy you. Sometimes you must swallow your bile, but you can never forgive. You may not like or even remember all of your relatives – but if any of them suffers a wrong, you are willing to die to avenge your family’s honor.

You follow a strict etiquette, intended to prevent feuds. Jokes are forbidden. Shouting or complaining is impolite. The proper manner to indicate displeasure is to remove your purse and jiggle the coins within – a veiled threat to contact the Revenants. Only in a bar or tavern are you free to express yourself. A single drink entitles you to say anything, and after two or three you can brawl freely.

Retaliation is the only way to deter crime. Therefore, you nurture a bloodthirsty reputation and always keep enough money stashed away to buy Revenant justice if needed.

Unless you are a noble, you do not care for clothes – greasy hides and black-iron ornaments are sufficient. Long braided tresses are the mark of adulthood, and a man’s moustache a sign of his virility.