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Former nobility of the Phaedran Empire, now the leaders of the Seven Kingdoms.

Personality:  Cymrilians are a race fascinated with magic in all its shapes and forms. Nearly every Cymrilian has at least a small measure of magical skill, and the most powerful Cymrilian mages are powers to be reckoned with. A cosmopolitan people, the Cymrilians enjoy the good things in life and are dedicated city dwellers, viewing the wilderness with distaste and more than a little apprehension. Green is the national color and is used for everything whenever possible.

The Cyrmilian obsession with magic is often overpowering. Whenever a Cymrilian has a chance to examine an unknown magical item or related phenomena, he must make a Will save to exercise even the slightest bit of caution.

Description:  Cymrilians are tall and slender, standing 6 to 6 ½ feet tall, weighing 170 to 250 pounds. They have light green skin and nondescript features. Hair and eye color are often magically changed on a frequent basis.

Relations:  Cymrilians most respect the Dracartans (who mastered a new magical art); the Kasmir (whose financial power the Seven Kingdoms depends on); and the Sindarans (for their amazing intellect). All other races are evaluated based on their “usefulness.” Non-mages are typically treated in a patronizing manner.

Alignment: Any.

Lands: Cymril is the heart of the Seven Kingdoms, a beautiful land of rolling pastures and meadows.

Religion:  Cymrilians worship the Magister, an aspect of the Creator and patron of all mages. Religion is a private affair for most Cymrilians. They tend to regard the deities of other people’s as simply powerful spirits, though they are well aware that the disctinction between “god” and “spirit” is a fine one when the entity in question is angry at you.

Language: High Talislan is used by all Cymrilians. Most mages also learn Archaen and Phaedran at least.

Adventurers: Predominantly wizards, though all classes can be found in Cymril soceity. The Airmen who crew Cymril’s fleet of windships are typically fighters, though even they tend to have at least a level or two of magic. Cymrilians can be found just about anywhere, most often on the trail of some magic secret or lost artifact.

Roleplaying Notes: you are from a land of magicians, the least superstitious folk in Talislanta. Magic is a tool, to be used like any other tool. Magic is your preferred solution to any problem, even if you aren’t a mage. Magic is also your obsession, and you will never pass up an opportunity to learn a new spell or discover a lost magical treasure.

A devoted cosmopolitan, you love good food and drink, city life, and all forms of entertainment (especially magical ones). You enjoy wearing clean, fashionable clothes that smell good. You put little stock into the prejudices and myths of others, putting little faith on the “facts” reported by the uneducated. You belong to the most civilized and accomplished race on Talislanta, and you know it.