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A race of warrior-women, who see men as the subservient sex.

Personality: Danuvians are aggressive by nature. Anyone making a disparaging remark about women within earshot of a Danuvian is asking for a serious beating at the very least. Danuvian men are weak and docile and fit only for procreation. Though the Danuvians can only breed with males of their own race, they actively seek attractive males of other races as consorts and concubars.

Danuvians and Thralls have very similar outlooks on life. Combat skill is the standard by which people are judged, and honor in all things is crucial.  

Physical Description: Danuvians stand 6 to 6 ½ feet tall and weigh 180 to 220 pounds. They have bronze skin and strong features. They are bald except for a stripe of black hair in a mohawk-like cut. They typically wear black iron corselets and bracers, a padded bodysuit and hip-high leather boots.

Relations:  Danuiva shuns alliances and entanglements, as they have no wish to be trapped into a commitment with another state. Mercenaries are Danuvia’s prime export, and they have no wish to alienate any potential employers. They judge everyone as individuals, but women are automatically viewed as superior to men, and any society which regards women as second-class citizens is regarded with scorn. Danuvians look for any excuse to thrash Aamanians unlucky enough to cross their path.

Alignment: any.

Danuvian Lands: The Citystate of Danuvia is located in the southwest region of the Wilderlands of Zarran, near the Aberrant Forest.

Religion: Danuvians revere Zoriah, a female version of Azoriah, God of War (the Danuvians claim the Kang are mistaken in viewing Zoriah as male. What the Kang think of the Danuvians isn’t fit to print).

Language: Low Talislan. While Danuvians can and do learn other languages, anyone using High Talislan is seen as “putting on airs.”

Adventurers: Danuvians are highly sought after as mercenaries and bodyguards. They are highly skilled at mounted combat. While Danuvia officially only hires its mercenaries out in companies, lone Danuvians are often found as well. They might be seeking adventure, hiding from enemies, or pursuing personal business of some kind.

Roleplaying Notes: Life is duty. When young, your first responsibility was to defend your people. You entered the barracks at 14, fought your first campaign at 16, and were a respected veteran at 18. Now, by serving as a mercenary or adventuring, you demonstrate to others the ability of your nation to defend itself and earn needed income for your Queen.

You have a strong sense of your role in society. “Soft” pursuits such as bookkeeping, weaving, politics, or counting coins are beneath you. Yours is to command, and inferiors are to obey. Among equals, your military training makes you a natural team member. You speak your mind and have little concept of diplomacy or etiquette.

Emotions tend to confuse you, so you avoid them when possible. Males are the immature sex, secondary to women. You admire the muscles, leadership and courage of foreign males. Every Danuvian dreams of someday owning a harem full of such exotics. Still, the qualities of your native men – wit, delicacy of manner, and tender emotions – charm you as well.