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Nomadic merchant tribesmen of the desert.

Personality: Djaffir are a clannish folk who are closed and secretive by nature, at least as pertains to outsiders. Amongst themselves, they are talkative and outgoing. The custom of wearing masks is due to the Djaffir belief that the “face mirrors the soul” and that by covering the face, one can protect one’s soul from hostile magics. Many of the Djaffir fetish masks are in fact enchanted to provide such protection. Others say the Djaffir wear the masks to conceal their identities.

Djaffir are very brave, being willing to go anywhere there is profit to be made. Djaffir bandits are fierce raiders, but do not engage in wanton or senseless violence (there’s no profit in it). Djaffir are nomads at heart, and do not stay overlong in one place.

Physical Description: Djaffir stand 5 to 6 feet in height and weigh 120-220 pounds. They have dark brown skin, brown hair, brown eyes, and a wiry build. They wear full-face leather masks at all times except when alone in the privacy of their own tent. They wear cloaks and robes of light linen and boots of soft hide.

Relations:  Djaffir tend to be regarded with some suspicion, as it is said that the only difference between a Djaffir merchant and bandit is one of semantics. For themselves, the Djaffir will deal with anyone willing to buy what they have for sale.

Alignment: Any chaotic.

Djaffir Lands: Djaffa lies on the western portion of the desert kingdoms, but the wandering Djaffir can be found almost anywhere they think there is a market for their goods.

Religion: Djaffir do not have any form of organized religion, but do pay homage to Destiny which they refer to as the “Spirit of the Desert.” They say that one’s fate is fixed at birth and that it cannot be altered. Trying to do so is certain to bring only destruction. This in part accounts for the Djaffir’s fearlessness.

Language: Nomadic is the Djaffir’s initial language. Nearly all will also know Low Talislan, with most merchants knowing High Talislan as well while Djaffir wizards will pick up Archaen.

Adventurers: Djaffir merchant/bandits are fierce fighters, and the Djaffir wizards are the seers and mystics of their people, charged with making the mystic fetish masks and renowned for their alchemical skills. As nomads, their wanderings can take them anywhere, as can their search for profit.

Roleplaying Notes: as a child, the family wizard crafted your first fetish mask. It is the symbol of your membership in the family and your status within the tribe. You would be uncomfortable without it, for your thoughts and emotions would then be visible to everyone.

Your fate is fixed by Destiny and cannot be altered. To try to do so is sacrilege. To aid you family, you would brave any danger and pay any debt. Your next loyalty is to the Caliph of all Djaffir, and third to your sheik. No matter where you travel, the welfare of family, sheik and Califph are your concern. Return to aid them if necessary, and evaluate all things as they might impact those at home.

Do not give your friendship easily, but when you do, your friends become as if they were members of your own family. You never stay long in one place, and always treat your mount with great respect and care.