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 Masters of the desert and the secrets of thaumaturgy, beset on all sides by enemies.

Personality: Dracartans are friendly, if somewhat reserved; frivolity is not a quality associated with them . They rarely laugh. Since settling in the Red Desert they have known nothing but strife and the ever-present threat of Rajanistan and Sub-men remains a source of constant worry. They do however exhibit an admirable degree of tolerance for the ways and beliefs of most other peoples.

Physical Description: Dracartans stand 6 to 7 feet tall and weigh 180 to 280 pounds. They have jade-green skin and chiseled features. They typically wear linen robes and red iron ornaments.

Relations: Dracartans live by trade. They must import everything they need to survive, including water, selling their unique red iron and alchemical quintessence in exchange.

Alignment: usually lawful

Dracartan Lands: The Desert Kingdom of Carantheum lies in the Red Desert in the midst of the Wilderlands of Zaran nearly in the center of the continent. It is a harsh land, swept by sandstorms and scorched by the burning rays of the twin suns.

Religion: Dracartans revere Jamba, the mysterious god who led them to the Red Desert and revealed the secrets of thaumaturgy to them. He has since mostly left the Dracartans to their own devices, but they still think very highly of their patron.

Language: Dracartans share the Nomadic language with the Djaffir, but most know Low Talislan as well at least.

Adventurers: Dracartan desert scouts are in high demand as scouts and fighters. Dracartan thaumaturges are specialist transmuters and skilled alchemists.

Roleplaying Notes: your ancestors found the Red Desert a wasteland and made it their home. Live up to their works. Cherish friends and kinsmen, but put your nation first. Prize the wisdom of the Elders, the justice of the King, and the knowledge of the Thaumaturgists. You revere Jamba even though his mysteries baffle you.

Never abandon a comrade, betray your spouse, quarrel with your parents, or injure your master solidarity saved your ancestors and the misfortune of one is the misfortune of all. If you meet a Dracartan in need, help him. Never allow other Dracartans to injure themselves, for self-destructive or foolish acts are selfish and cannot be permitted.

Treat strangers courteously, for their trade makes your nation wealthy. You may embrace friends in public, but affection for loved ones should be shown by action rather than in words. Cultivate a reserved bearing. Only poets and fools rave about every emotion that stirs them, and only idiots rush to act before they have appraised a situation. Think before acting.