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Cursed mages forever seeking a way to lift the doom that lies over them.

Personality: Marukans are perhaps the most downtroden and unlucky inhabitants of Talislanta. They are extremely gloomy and fatalistic by nature, attributing any problems that may arise to the ancient curse that strikes their people once every 13 months. They are utterly dependent on the luck talismans they carry, and become almost completely helpless without them.

Physical Description: Marukans stand 5 to 6 feet tall and weigh 120 to 200 pounds. They have pale skin, sunken eyes, and limp brown hair. They wear garments of grey sackcloth with few ornaments.

Relations: Marukans tend to be unwelcome pretty much everywhere as they are seen as harbingers of misfortune and disaster. Their less than cheerful personalities don’t help matters any.

Alignment: typically neutral

Marukan Lands: The Citystate of Maruk (what’s left of it) lies in central Talislanta, north of Carantehum.

Religion: none. The Maruk are too busy simply trying to survive to pay any attention to higher powers which obviously have it in for them in any case.

Language: Low Talislan.

Adventurers: Marukan mages often wander Talislanta, desperately seeking a cure for the curse which has plagued Maruk for the last 200 years or so.

Roleplaying Notes: as a citizen of Maruk, you were born cursed. That’s just the way of life. You share everything with your family, and they share everything with you. If someone admires one of your possessions, give it to him. If he’s Maruk, he’ll do the same for you. If he doesn’t – he’ll be punished somehow, by someone.

Out of respect (and fear) of the dead, you always wear mourning clothes. Never praise someone or remark on his good Fortune, as this accuses him of stealing luck. Never point at anyone. If anything good ever does happen to you, quickly thank the spirits.

You hate thieves as they take without asking and never give anything in return. You especially dislike the so-called Chosen People of Fortuna – the Sarista – as they are obviously luck stealing witches.