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The sky-dwelling inhabitants of the floating castle Cabal Magicus.

Personality: Phantasians see themselves as the last true descendants of the Archaens, and as such look down (literally) upon the rest of Talislanta from their floating city of Cabal Magicus. However, their superiority is tinged with sadness as they have lost most of the fabled knowledge of their ancestors and now it is all they can do to keep their aging fleet of windships operational.

Physical Description: Phantasians stand 6 ½ to 7 ½ feet tall and weigh 150 to 210 pounds. They have pale skin, narrow builds, and amber-colored hair. They favor long robes and conical hats.

Relations: Phantasians maintain strict neutrality with all other countries. They sell their dream essence to any who can afford its exorbitant price. While they maintain their air of superiority due to their “command of the air,” in truth, they have neither the resources nor the personnel to engage in any real military action anywhere.

Alignment: usually lawful

Lands: None. The floating city of Cabal Magicus is tethered by an adamant chain to the isle of Phantas south of Talislanta.

Religion: None. As the “true descendants” of the Archaens, the Phantasians see it as beneath their dignity to worship any “spirit” which their ancestors doubtless controlled at one point or another.

Language: High Talislan.

Adventurers: Phantasian mages are skilled alchemists and experts on windship maintenance and operation, but typically are too valuable at home to take time to go adventuring (though some do for whatever reason). More commonly seen are the Phantasian Guardians, fighter/mages belonging to the elite military order that has protected Cabal Magicus for centuries. Due to the decline in the city’s fortunes, many are compelled to leave home in search of work or riches.

Roleplaying Notes: Never forget that your ancestors, the Elande, built the floating cities of the Archaeans and were masters of the air. As their descendant, you must always strive to uphold the honor and dignity of your line. You are a man of your word, honorable in thought and action. Courteous to all and respectful to those above you. It is your duty to provide guidance and leadership to the groundlings whenever possible, always leading by example. That they don’t appreciate what you have to offer just shows how far they have fallen and how much they need your help.

You would never let it on to outsiders, but the situation at home grows desperate. Every year it seems something in the city breaks down, and no one knows how to repair it. There are dark whispers that it is only a matter of time before the city itself plummets from the sky, but you dismiss such talk as nonsense. All the same, you always have your eye out for any scrap of lost lore or knowledge that might help reverse the declining fortunes back home.