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Aeriad are an avian species in the process of devolving into a ground-dwelling one. There are two sub-species: blue and green.

 Personality: Blue Aeriad detest the devolution their races is undergoing and embrace the wild ways of their ancestors. They tend to let instinct, rather than reason, be their guide in most matters. The Green Aeriad, in contrast, are more inquisitive and intellectual, accepting the devolution as a natural process.

Physical Description: Blue Aeriad typically stand 5 ½ to 6 feet tall, weighing about 80-120 pounds. They have iridescent blue plumange and vestigal wings. The Green Aeriad tend to be smaller, roughly 4 ½ to 5/ ½ feet tall, weighing 70-90 pounds. Their plumage is an iridescent green. Both species are slender and frail in stature and their skin glistens with a metallic sheen. A crested cox-comb of feathers adds to their distinctive appearance. Their manner of dress tends to be simple and austere, typically a short tunic and cape of plain viridian linen.

Relations: The Aeriad are members of the Seven Kingdoms and get along well with most other races.

Alignment: typically lawful

Aeriad Lands: The Aeriad homeland is Vardune in the Seven Kingdoms.

Religion: Green Aeriad honor and serve nature, but revere Viridian, an Archaean renown for his creation of many plants.

Language: Low Talislan. Aeriad speech has a slight stutter as their vstigal beak has a difficult time with hard “C” or “K” sounds.

Adventurers: Blue Aeriad tend to be fighters or scouts. They are renown as deadly archers and serve as aerial reconnaissance in the Borderlands Legion. Green Aeriad tend to be druids or rangers, working to preserve and protect their homeland and working to restore those parts of Talislanta that were devastated by the Great Disaster.

Roleplaying Notes: As an Aeriad you are a great companion when times are rough – and the rest of the time you can be a pain in the ass. Always remember that you are part of a Chosen People, a special sprig from the elemental tree. When foreigners do something wrong – and they will – speak your mind. They may think you haughty or intolerant, but correct them anyway.

Making friends with other races isn’t easy for you, and at first they will think you cool and emotionless. Your seeming reluctance is due to the strong bonds of Aeriad comradeship – when you do extend friendship, it is the kind that only death can break.

Your main problem with non-Aeriad is their casual use of magic. You know that only the Green Aeriad know the secret laws which make magic safe to use – all others are dabbling with powers beyond their understanding, and may bring a second Great Disaster upon all of Talislanta. If the others want to experiment with a newly-found magical device, let them – but stand a safe distance away.

You have many dislikes and love to discuss them at length with any who will listen – cities, riding, magic, devils, domesticated animals, and most mages. You are also mildly claustrophobic.

Cymrilians are at the top of your “distrust” list because they are mages and descendants of your race’s ancient Phandre persecutors. You dislike the Kasmir (materialism is a perversion) and hate Aamanians (who you suspect of planning to invade Vardune) and Arimites (who have no honor). You admire the Thralls (who share your sense of honor) and the Gnomekin (who respect natural powers when using their magic).

You have a strong sense of justice and great concern for your personal honor. Once you’ve determined which course is right, you stick to it – Aeriad don’t rationalize.