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Gnomekin are a diminutive subterranean race who are perpetually cheerful and curious.

Personality: Gnomekin are a warm and friendly folk, possessed of an almost childlike innocence. Their families are close-knit and quite large; most Gnomekin have at least a dozen or so siblings.

Gnomekin tend to be cheerful and optimistic by nature, and have a deep reverence for the earth. They are so modest and unassuming that they never refer to themselves in conversation (for example, one would say “Am pleased to see you” instead of “I am pleased to see you.”

Physical Description: Gnomekin stand about 2 ½ to 3 ½ feet tall and weigh 60-100 pounds. They have nut-brown complexions, muscular bodies, deep green eyes, and wide-eyed, cherubic features. They have a crest of soft black fur running from the center of the forehead to the small of the back.

Relations: Gnomekin get along well with most civilized races. They are locked in a perpetual war with the subterranean Darklings and other hostile denizens of the underworld. They also have a deep hatred for slavers as Gnomekin are viewed as excellent slaves due to their exceptional endurance.

Alignment: typically chaotic good, but always good.

Gnomekin Lands: The Gnomekin live in the Kingdom of Durne in the Seven Kingdoms. Durne is a land of grassy knolls, gently rising hills, and sparse woodlands. The Gnomekin inhabit the subterranean City of Durne deep underground where they grow mushrooms and crystals.

Religion: Gnomekin revere the earth goddess Terra as their protector and benefactor.

Language: The Gnomekin language sounds like the purring of cats and no non-Gnomekin has ever managed to master its nuances.

Adventurers: Despite their diminutive size, Gnomekin are much tougher than they look, and they make fierce warriors. All adults must serve some time in the Gnomekin militia, known as the Fellowship. Afterwards many opt to travel abroad in search of adventure. Gnomekin can also be clerics of Terra.

Roleplaying Notes: it is an exciting time to be a Gnomekin. Your people are emerging as an important race, and you are proud to venture forth as their representative. You feel a natural reverence toward the Earth Mother and all of her aspects. You always try to be outgoing and friendly. Skills dealing with healing, agriculture, or crafts interest you.

You get along well with most of the gentler races of Talislanta, and you are a brave and reliable companion. You admire Thralls for their bravery (but otherwise find them dull) and love the Sarista and Zandir for their exuberance. The Ardua and Sindaran are hard to relate to – they have little sense of fun – but you don’t dislike them. Kasmir are respected, but similarly hard to like. You barely tolerate Aamanians and Arimites.