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 A gnarled race of humanoids with a passion for secrets.

Personality: Secretive is the defining word for Gnorls. They never give information without receiving something in return and never, ever, answer a question for free. They tend to be crabby, short-tempered, and demanding.

Gnorls define secrets as lesser and greater. Lesser secrets are things of little import, or secrets which are relatively widely known. Greater secrets are things which only a few people know. To transform a Greater secret into a Lesser one is the egregious act imaginable to a Gnorl.

Telling a secret without proper compensation is a serious offense, second only to telling a lie. Lying to a Gnorl is never a good idea, as they never forget such an insult.

Physical Description: Gnorls are small, standing 3-4 feet tall and weighing 60-90 pounds. They have wizened features, dark brown skin, glowing eyes deep-set beneath a furrowed brow, and a squat physique. They dress in turbans and long robes (with numerous secret pockets). Sashes, scarves, and beaded necklaces are popular accessories.

Relations: Gnorls are suspicious of everyone else, including other Gnorls. However, they will do business with anyone if it means learning a new secret. They have a respectful relationship with their Dhuna neighbors. They have a cordial relationship with the giant, bestial Shathane. The Gnorl can communicate in a rudimentary fashion with the beasts and often tend to their wounds. In return, the Shathane often bring the Gnorls gifts of food or accompany them on their travels. The Kasmir are regarded as kindred souls in many ways and the Gnorls are frequent customers of the Kasmiran trapsmiths.

Alignment: typically chaotic.

Gnorl Lands: Gnorls live in underground lairs in Gnorlwood, near Werewood in western Talislanta.

Religion: Gnorls respect, but do not revere, gods and spirits.

Language: Gnorls are typically fluent in a number of languages, including the Ariane’s Elder tongue and Archaen. If they have a language of their own, no one has ever heard it used.

Adventurers: The quest for secrets can take a Gnorl anywhere in Talislanta. Some do a brisk business buying and selling secrets. Gnorls are also skilled herbalists and healers. Gnorl adventures will always be Diviners, though some have a few Rogue levels as well.

Roleplaying Notes: you love secrets. You triple-encrypt them in codes, combinations, and all the other modes of encryption – some of your own invention. The best secrets are kept only in your memory, where they can’t be stolen.
You dream of finding a Great Secret, superior to any you have known before. This is why you go adventuring. You are doggedly tenancious when you think you are on the track of a new secret. Obstacles which get in your way are grimly overcome, and concepts of ethics and morality may be discarded when inconvenient. To avoid accidentally exposing a secret, you talk little and avoid strong drink and drugs.