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Moneylenders of Talislanta, experts at creating traps and devices.

Personality: Kasmirans are a suspicious folk who live in windowless towers and spend their days thinking of new ways to safeguard their possessions. They are widely regarded as misers (and rightly so) and have a sour disposition.

Physical Description: Kasmirans stand 4 ½ to 5 feet in height and weigh 100 to 140 pounds. They have mahogany brown skin, shriveled features, and hunched posture. They wear hooded robes, cloaks, and curl-toed boots. Each typically has numerous concealed pockets and purses on his person at all times.

Relations: The Kasmir may be disliked by most, but they are also indispensable. They are responsible not only for the finances of the Seven Kingdoms, but for those of many other countries as well. They are also the foremost trapsmiths and exotic weaponsmiths on Talislanta.

Alignment: typically lawful neutral (aka lawful greedy)

Kasmiran Lands: Kasmir is found in the southwest portion of the Seven Kingdoms, next to the Wilderlands of Zarran.

 Religion: none. Kasmir have no need for “higher powers.”

Language: High Talislan.

Adventurers: A Kasmiran can teach a Sarista a thing or two about opening locks and disarming traps. While their speciality is the design of such devices, they are occasionally hired to bypass other people’s work as well. Many Kasmir are also accomplished mages (rogue-mages are very common). Younger Kasmir often go adventuring as they try to quickly build themselves enough of a fortune to enable them to create their own Family back home.

 Classes: Rouges and wizards, typically both

Roleplaying Notes: Money is power. That is the one great truth in life.

You are part of a Kasmir House, one of the great money-lending families of the kingdom. While you may not be an actual money-lender (the highest position available in the House), you are still driven by the need to make your family triumphant in all its endeavors and to increase its wealth whenever possible.

You loathe to spend money – never purchase anything without bargaining the price down. Complaining about money when you must spend is a habit. When you find a sale, stockpile. Hoarding food and other necessities in case of siege or shortage is instinctual.

Except for the comradeship among other members of your family, you find it hard to make friends. Whenever you consider an action, ask yourself “What will this cost me?” – this helps in fighting emotional impulses. The greatest compliment you can pay someone is that they pay their debts on time.