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Dhuna Witch
Dhuna witches practice their own form of magic which combines cleric and mage spells (the Dhuna Witch is its own character class). Even though the effects may be the same, a Dhuna cannot learn a mage or cleric's version of a spell, and vice versa.

All Dhuna magic is based on the spheres of influence of the seven moons: Ardan (emotion), Drome (protection), Jhang (war), Laeolis (healing), Phandir (divination), Talisandre (luck), and Zar (death). The Dhuna constantly work to discover more spells. To date, the ones listed below are commonly known and available to all Dhuna.

Dhuna cast spells of their coven as if 1 level higher, and gain one bonus spell  from that sphere per day.

0 Level
Cure Minor Wounds (L)
Daze (A)
Detect Magic (P)
Disrupt Undead (Z)
Guidance (T)
Resistance (D)
Virute (gains +1 to hit instead of 1 hp) (J)

1st Level
Aura (D)
Bane/Bless (T)
Cause Fear (Z)
Charm Person (A)
Comprehend Languages (P)
Cure Light Wounds (L)
Divine Favor (J)
Doom (Z)
Entropic Shield (T)
Identify (P)
Magic Weapon (J)
Moon Sign
Ray of Enfeeblement (Z)
Sanctuary (D)
Shield (D)
Sleep (A)

2nd Level
Aid (T)
Bolt (J)
Blur (T)
Calm Emotions (A)
Cure Moderate Wounds (L)
Death Knell (Z)
Enthrall (A)
Lesser Restoration (L)
Locate Object (P)
Resist Elements (D)
Scare (Z)
See Invisibility (P)
Lesser Spell Immunity (D)
Spiritual Weapon (J)

3rd Level
Bestow Curse (T)
Cure Serious Wounds (L)
Clairaudience/Clairvoyance (P)
Deeper Darkness (Z)
Keen Edge (J)
Hold Person (A)
Locate Object (P)
Magic Vestment (D)
Negative Energy Protection (Z)
Prayer (J)
Protection from Elements (D)
Remove Curse (T)
Remove Disease (L)
Suggestion (A)

4th Level
Cure Critical Wounds (H)
Discern Lies (P)
Dispel Magic (T)
Divination (P)
Divine Power (J)
Emotion (A)
Enervation (Z)
Fear (Z)
Freedom of Movement (T)
Greater Magic Weapon (J)
Neutralize Poison (L)
Spell Immunity (D)
Stoneskin (D)

5th Level
Break Enchantment (T)
Circle of Doom (Z)
Death Ward (D)
Detect Scrying (P)
Dominate Person (A)
Healing Circle (L)
Heroics (J)
Lesser Geas (A)
Righteous Might (J)
Scrying (P)
Slay Living (Z)
Spell Resistance (D)

6th Level
Antilife Shell (D)
Antimagic Field (D)
Find the Path (P)
Greater Dispelling (T)
Harm (Z)
Heal (L)
Mass Suggestion (A)
True Seeing (P)

7th Level
Destruction (Z)
Geas/Quest (A)
Greater Restoration (L)
Greater Scrying (P)
Legend Lore (P)
Regenerate (L)
Repulsion (D)
Spell Turning (D)

8-9th Level
Currently there are no commonly known 8-9th level Dhuna spells.