What's New

Well, obviously it has been a while since anything happened here. Sadly, the game collapsed
after the first session and I've been busy with stuff since. However, I'm going to make an effort
towards keeping this site active/useful, so we'll see. Now that the D20 system has been out for
some time, I'l be going back and revising a lot of the classes/races. For today, here's what's new:

We've got a whole slew of Tal beasties in the new DM's Section.
The revised combat modifications are back on the House Rules page.

Changed my email contact address

Session 1 added to Campaign Log under Campaign Information
Minor tweaks to Champion prestige class
Added Dodge to the modified feat section in Rule Modifications under House Rules

Better defined the Kang unarmed combat abilties

Minor adjustments to racial traits

Removed most of the combat modifications from the House Rules page
Revised racial modifiers for non-humans and added modifiers for human races
Minor modifications to Zandir Swashbuckler prestige class
Added Class Skill to New Feats

Added Increased Hit Die feat
Added Alchemist class
Added Brew Potion and Scribe Scroll to modified feats under House Rules
Added Alchemical Brews to Equipment section
Added Increased HD for Mages to House Rules

Added natural attack to Jaka racial abilities
Added Scent feat
Modified Certament spell list
Added Base Attack Bonus Modification & Critical Hits to House Rules

Added new feats
Added Cosmology to Campaign Information section
Slight modification to Ferran and Sindaran racial attributes
Changed Ranger back to a normal (though modified) character class
Added Druid to modified character class list
Modified Spellmaster prestige class

Added to Legends & Rumors page
Added Champion, Ranger, and Spellmaster prestige classes
Removed Jaka beastmaster class
Modified Exotic Weapon Proficiency

Added an "up level" navigation button to each page
Added Scent feat to Jaka and Ferran racial traits